Vaillant EcoFIT Pure 825 25kW combi boiler with wireless thermostat / timer & magnetic filter installed from£2050 with 10 years warranty

The cupboard-size ecoFIT Pure combination boiler from Vaillant is an easy choice. The compact size and optional rear flue fitting means this boiler is ideal for even the snuggest of installations including kitchen cupboards and small cloakroom spaces. The ecoFIT pure powerful aluminium heat exchanger offers outstanding performance and low energy consumption for any home. When you don’t need as much heat, it will reduce itself to just 20% of its maximum output, meaning greater energy efficiency and lower bills.

  • Vaillant magnetic system filter
  • High-specification aluminium heat exchanger
  • Compact size, ideal for kitchen cupboard installations
  • Clear LED display enabling visibility in dimly lit areas
  • 4-sided cooling and water agitation of the heat exchanger to reduce stress and improve life length
  • 10 years manufactures parts and labour warranty

Including an magnetic filter a convenient and robust solution to solve the issues arising from sludge, rust and any other kind of iron residue generated by radiators, and other ferrous components, in sealed central heating systems.

Technical specification

ERP Efficiency: 94%
ERP Rating: A
DHW Output: 25.2
DHW Flow Rate: at 35 Degree Rise 10.4 litres per minute
SEDBUK SAP 2009 Rating: 89.30%
SEDBUK SAP 2005 Rating: 91%
Fuel Types: Natural Gas, Bio Gas & 20% Hydrogen blend
Noise Level: 49 dB
Nox Class: 5
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