Gas cooker, oven and hob installation service

Gas cooker, oven and hob installation service

If you’ve bought a new cooker, or want to replace your hob, our Gas Safe Registered engineers can install your appliance for you.

Important information

Trying to install a cooker can be hard work and without the right knowledge, things can go wrong.
Did you know that all gas cookers need to be installed by a Gas Safe registered engineer?
If you don’t have the Gas Safe certification, it could invalidate your household insurance.


Free Standing Gas Cooker Installation £100

Built-In Gas Hob Installation £100

Gas Range Cooker Installation £200 – please request availability.

Moving House – Cooker Or Oven / Hob Disconnection & Capping Off Existing Pipework £70

With installations we also supply up to £20 worth of parts if required. This can include a stability bracket or security chain, a bayonet, cooker hose, means to connect to an existing supply, a 0.5 metres copper pipe and a back plate.

Here’s what we’ll do

Evaluate your kitchen and make sure the existing gas connections are safe to use and meet the legal requirements.

Disconnect the existing cooker, un-box and check the new product.

Connect to an existing gas pipe and verify that the gas supply is gas tight.

Test the cooker to make sure it’s working and ready to use to the manufacturer’s specification and industry standard.

Perform a full health and safety check and provide you with a Gas Appliance Installation certificate. We’ll also visually inspect any other gas appliances for safety.

Before we arrive please check the following

That there is a live gas supply within 0.5 metres of the required location within the same room.

Gas cookers with ignition systems and timers require a 13 amp supply. Please ensure one is available within 1.5 metres if applicable.

That we have clear access to the area you want your new appliance installed. If stairs are involved, that there is room to manoeuvre.

The appliance will fit into the space with enough space at the back and either side of the cooker to allow for ventilation. Check the product specification for the cooker you want to buy.

That there is no combustible material behind the cooker location. For example, the area directly above the gas appliance must not have any power points, switches, boilers or alarm sensors. Additionally, there must not be any flammable material such as wallpaper, wood, fabric wall coverings, curtains or shelving.